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You're new to this gym, aren't you?
I'm a trainer here, and I've never seen your face around before. Your form is a little off and you don't have a lot of muscle mass, but that's okay! If you push yourself day in and day out, work on your form and of course monitor your dietary habits and intake tons of protein, you will see a world of difference in no time!
I have an idea. I want to have a training session with you. On the house, of course. Why? Because I see a ton of potential in you, and I want to give you the proper tools to utilize that potential. So, what do you say? Yes, I just knew you would agree. Let's begin right now. Follow me.
I'm sure you're wondering why I led you to the locker room. You see, my training methods are a bit unconventional. But, these methods, though different, are proven to be 100% effective. And before you can begin working out, we need to make sure you get the proper amount of protein so that you can reach your maximum potential.
There is one protein source that I have found to be better than any other. It's the purest form of protein, it gives you so much energy, can help you bulk up, and not only is it very tasty, but it also a lot of fun to intake.
Let me call in my helper. It is his protein that you will be ingesting. And now, you are going to get down on your knees so our training session can properly begin. And I'm sure this goes without saying, but I will remind you that during this session you are to do everything I tell you without question or hesitation.
Now, down on your knees.
I'm sure you are quite aware of what I mean when you will be ingesting my helper's protein, but I will say it bluntly, you will be licking up my helper's cum. Not only that, but you will be also sucking his cock to get that cum. And trust me, he can produce more quality cum than anyone I've ever seen before.
You will listen to my instructions and suck his cock, lick his cock, and deepthroat his cock exactly how I tell you to. It's all to build character. And, I can see you're excited to do this. That's the potential I was talking about. After all, I saw the way you were looking at the rock hard bodies of those men while you were working out.
And since I'm in such a giving mood today, perhaps I'll even let you stroke yourself while you suck this big, fat dick. And of course, when you cum, you will also by eating up that as well. By the end of this, you will have a belly completely full of rich, creamy cum.
So, let's begin our training session.
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Marceline :  Gym Protein