• Miss Roper : Sadistic Cheerleader Pops Your Cherry

You are the hottest girl at university and I´m just some random dude, that you know, is still a virgin. I cannot believe my luck when you invite me of all people to visit your home.
You explain that you want to take my virginity and order me to get naked, so you can see what you´re working with. You can see I´m shy, so you start off by stripping off your own panties first. While I get naked, you take some rope and tell me to lie on the table. You explain, that you want my first time to be special and kinky, so you´re going to tie me up and do all the work for me.
Then you pretend to tie me up, but in a somewhat weird position, with my hands behind me, my legs over my head and my bare ass exposed to you. You calm me down saying you know what you´re doing and that it´ll be fine. Finally you grab the panties you took off earlier and stuff them in my mouth just to tape it shut with duct-tape afterwards. Then you quickly leave to get ready.
You return, wearing only an underbust corset, with your bare tits exposed, long gloves, black boots and a strap-on. You explain that the virginity you´re actually going to take is my anal virginity. You love dominating insecure virgins such as myself and to see the fear in my eyes of what´s going to happen next. You slowly insert the strap-on in my ass and begin fucking me POV.
After a short while you notice my dick getting hard and humiliate me for it. You grab your phone and take compromising photos of my situation. This will serve as perfect blackmail material later and I will join your stable of slaves, who fell for the same trap or else everyone at university is going to see these photos. A few minutes before the end of the video, you grab my dick with one of your hands and jerk me off (POV, outside the camera range), while you keep thrusting with the strap-on at the same time. Finally you make me cum all over myself and take another final photo with your phone, before you wander off telling me you´ll be back to untie me later, when you feel like it. (It is your choice if you want to ruin the implied orgasm or not)
Price: $14.39 USD

Miss Roper : Sadistic Cheerleader Pops Your Cherry