• Lady Fyre : The Prison Warden

Lady Fyre : The Prison Warden

As the first female prison warden I’m encountering some opposition from my bosses in the correctional industry. Of course, the recent outbreak of riots hasn’t helped me any. The state has given me a budget to institute a new program to cut down on the prison violence. It’s a large grant designed to allow me the freedom to govern this facility as I see fit as long as I produce results. Why should I hire an outside company to help me with this violence issue when I have a free workforce at my disposal? State-sponsored slavery is acceptable in our society, so I’m going to take advantage of the free labor. I’ve isolated the issue: alpha males frustrated with their inability to copulate are lashing out at one another. I’ve also determined a solution. I’ve been observing all of my inmates for some time now, and I believe I’ve identified all of the beta males. You’re one of them of course, and I’ve been watching you very closely. I believe you will be a great test subject for my new program. Here’s how it’s going to go: I’m going to give you a very well-appointed cell as your new home. For the next week, you will entertain many alpha males from the inmate population. You’ll suck their dicks & let them cum in your mouth. You’re going to do this well or you’ll suffer the consequences. You’re also going to bend over that nice, plushy cot in your cell & let all those studs take you from behind. They’ll fill your ass with their angry cum. No, I’m not asking for your cooperation; I’m telling you what you’re going to do. No one can hear you scream in here, and no one cares what you want. This is the perfect solution. My prison will be returned to its state of calm, and I will look really good to my superiors. In return, I’ll put a small allowance in your commissary account. After all, it’s better to be a semi-comfortable bitch than a broke bitch.

Lady Fyre :  The Prison Warden