• Little Puck : Stepsister Anal Train Bi Boyfriend Fantasy

Little Puck : Stepsister Anal Train Bi Boyfriend Fantasy

Listen, I was left in charge of you for the day and you have to do Everything I say. So first off...I'm gonna punish you for looking at my boyfriend's dick all the time. AND trying to SMELL it after we have sex! It's so gross! Step-Mom and Step-Dad might not get it yet, but I do. WTF is wrong with you? He's my boyfriend, back the fuck off. Get your own, don't chase after mine...have more self respect! Stop thinking about his meaty dick in your mouth! I'm gonna punish you for thinking about his cock, instead you're gonna think about MY cock in your ass, I'm gonna make you My Bitch. Unzip your pants, pull those drawers down you disgusting perv. We're gonna train your ass to take dick." I guide you through all the steps, getting your wet drooly finger plugging up your bunghole, training you to stuff it full, walking you through how to fuck your butt. "I'm tired of you being a pathetic needy butt slut, we're gonna train you to stuff it so you can go out in the world and get your own man and leave my boyfriend alone." As I train your butt I start getting turned on talking about my boyfriend's cock...I can't help but tease you with how big it is and how badly I know you want it. I love seeing how much power I have over you and I don't want you to have a stiffy when our Step-Parents get back home so I command you to get yourself off! I start teasing you with a fantasy of him slamming his cock inside your anal walls, making you a meat slut puppet on his dick...of you being laid across my knees and him pummeling his ass while I stuff your mouth with my fist...you'd be spitroasted by your stepsister and her boyfriend! How does that sounds, fucker?....

Little Puck :  Stepsister Anal Train Bi Boyfriend Fantasy