• Katie Thornton - Siliconed Castrated Pimped

Katie Thornton - Siliconed Castrated Pimped

Look at what I've done to you sissy. Look at what the EXTREME feminization surgery has done to you - it's a work of art! Nobody will ever recognise you - you have been totally transformed beyond any possible hope of reversal! You, sissy, are now a REAL girl! Aw don't cry sissy - it's not going to change anything - there's no way of fixing what I've done! You're not just a girl you're the most extreme porno-bimbo of every guy's fantasy! I've stretched your chest over the biggest implants available on the black market. You've been stuffed with so much silicone you can't even look over them to see what we've done to your icky boy parts. Let me help you out - there are no more icky boy parts - they're all gone! You've been turned into a REAL bimbo and there's nothing you can do about it now. You have beautiful long blonde extensions bonded to your hair, the biggest pumped-up lips, long fake lashes and permanent make-up. Your tiny waist has been sculpted with a liposuction and a rib removal procedure. Your cute feminine bottom has been created with implants. There's nothing male about you anymore. You've been siliconed, castrated and completely bimbofied. My clients are never going to think for one second that there was once a pathetic beta male wimp inside that pretty exterior. What I mean by my clients is the hundreds of horny guys that come here to unload all their depraved fantasies on my poor feminized victims. You're a bimbo sex slave now sissy - one of the very best I've ever created and you're going to be VERY popular! You're going to earn me a fortune!
Price: $14.39 USD

Katie Thornton - Siliconed  Castrated  Pimped