• Honour May : She males Use Beta males

Honour May : She-males Use Beta-males

Bi-humiliation has gotta be one of the most emasculating punishments a submissive wimp like you can be put through. It's the ultimate weapon girls like me reserve for sissies and simps and the ultimate shame for a beta-male to have to suffer for his Princess. I've never hidden the fact that so called straight boys to take cock for me gives me more of a kick than anything else - literally insisting that you be gay and robbing you of your sexuality is such a thrill. You've been warned that serving me will sooner or later result in you being manipulated into a coerced-bi predicament but you've continued to remind me that how straight you think you are... as if that's likely to influence my decision. You seem to think that whether you're straight or not is of any concern to me. It's not and in fact I find it way more fun to watch a straight guy taking REAL cock than a self-confessed faggot!
You will be pleased to know, however, that I've noted your preference for girls and have decided your first coerced-faggot experience will be with she-males. 3 hung she-males to be precise. I've used your credit card to book the 3 hottest shemale call-girls I could find and they'll be here any moment to totally destroy your virginity with a shemale gangbang. You're gonna love them - they totally fit the profile of your sexual preference - with only one 'large' exception each. They're so hot - they have long soft hair, big silicone tits, pumped up lips and totally feminine bodies. Feminine except for their very unladylike 9in cocks that you'll be made to suck - among other things. I'm serious, loser, with their clothes on there's no telling them apart from the kinda Instagram Princess you drool over all the time. Naked - there's no mistaking them for real girls!
Whatever they look like from the waist up - they're still men and they're gonna use you like their little bitch - right in front of me. I'm going to watch them introduce you to your first bi-humiliation experience - and don't for a single second think that just because they wear panties and heels it means they'll go easier on you. Nah-ah - these girls are going to ruin you, faggot! They're gonna tag-team you and fill you up with their XXL shemale cocks. You're gonna be kept so busy sucking their cocks and licking their balls - you might not get the chance to see their incredible tits and their dream-girl bodies. Maybe I'll film the whole thing to show you (and my girlfriends) later - it'll make perfect blackmail material to ensure you never get tired of sucking cock for me too.

Honour May :  She males Use Beta males