• Marceline : Big Sis Is A Big Meanie

Marceline : Big Sis Is A Big Meanie

What did I tell you about coming into my room uninvited? What did I tell you about bothering me with your presence?
Don't fucking do it.
And yet, here you are. Bothering me. I guess you need to be taught a lesson, huh little step-bro? Because clearly you don't remember the last one I gave you. So, I'll have to make this one even harder so you'll remember who is the one in charge here. After this lesson, you'll never think twice about not following my rules again.
Let me get the necessary items for this lesson...
Yes, you see all these dildos. I'll be using all of them. But this huge one, I'll be using that first. You're going to suck it, have it go all the way down your throat. And then, you're going to take every single thick, girthy inch up your asshole. I'm going to make you suction it onto the floor and ride it. Pound your own ass with this huge cock. No warm ups, just straight to this gigantic dick.
You're also going to suck one, perhaps two, of these other dildos while your ass is filled up and stretched out...
...hold up. Wait just one moment. Was that a moan of pleasure I heard? Even though your mouth was pretty full, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I heard. You like this. You like your punishment. I should beat you bad for this, but you know what, I can work with this. After all, what's worse than pain? Shame.
So, keep on enjoying this cock in your ass. And you know what, I have something even better. Get off it and hand it to me. Suck it a bit... And now... I'm going to be the one to fuck you with this.
But before I do that, let me just take a few pictures.
Hahaha. Now I have my leverage. My blackmail. Did you honestly think I was going to just let you enjoy your punishment? Now, if you even think about acting up again, if you think about not doing exactly what I say, I will show everyone these pictures of you bent over, waiting to take cock. I'll show our step-parents, our entire step-family, every single person we both know. Your life will be ruined. So unless you want that to happen, you're going to be my slave from here on out, step-bro.
And, for some extra leverage, I think I'm going to absolutely cover you with cum and take some pictures of that, as well. And you're such a slut for cock and cum, you're going to let me do it with no resistance.
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Marceline :  Big Sis Is A Big Meanie