• Icy Winters : Trans Girl First Time Breeding You

Icy Winters : Trans Girl First Time Breeding You

It's been a year since you downloaded BREEDR, the app for hooking up with other breeding enthusiasts in your area.
You've always known you were a beta, that you needed someone to breed you, but you never acted on it... until now.
You met this girl on the app, and you've been chatting with her for awhile. She's an alpha, and you know she wants to breed you. After chatting with her for awhile she tells you it's that time of the month, she's in heat, and she needs to deposit her seed somewhere. She wants to know if you'll meet her at a hotel room.
You say yes, and it's awkward at first, but soon you find yourself sucking her cock. It tastes amazing. Your mind to goes blank as your instincts kick in. You want to give her pleasure, no, you need to give her pleasure. You need all of her inside you right now, your body can't survive without it. She presses you down on the bed, and asks if it's okay to mount you like
the bitch in heat that she knows you are. You nod, unable to speak, caught up in the thrill of her scent and her fluids.
You feel warm, and as you feel her press up against your hole, it's the most natural thing in the world. It's as if you were empty your entire life, and are just now becoming aware of it. As she presses inside of you, and you feel her girth slowly filling you up, it's as if you are now complete. You know she won't pull out now until she's done breeding you...

Icy Winters :  Trans Girl First Time Breeding You