• Valentina Mia : Transational Fantasies 5

Valentina Mia : Transational Fantasies 5

This sweetheart prefers love making to just having sex because it is more intense and passionate. It makes her heart race and her tummy have butterflies. She is a switch depending on the person, mood, and situation, and she enjoys the dynamics of being versatile in the bedroom. She begins by wiggling her cute little toes and rubbing her feet together. Then she undresses completely and massages her natural breasts. You wrap your arms around her waist and bury your face in between her incredible tits. When she turns around, you can't believe how thick this tiny girl's ass is. Her uncut cock hangs cutely between her legs and she rubs her hands along her milky thighs. You jump into bed with her and she immediately bends over. You tease her with the tip of your dick while she shakes her voluptuous booty against you. You're so wet and sticky that you can't help but slide in while she smiles lovingly back at you. And when she turns over, you can't believe how big her girl cock has grown! It is just the perfect size to stuff in your mouth and down your throat. Then, she spreads her legs wide so you can devour her ass pussy too. She promises that she tastes like candy and you won't want to stop. She squeezes her cheeks while you dive in tongue first. "Make that hole yours," she begs. Next thing you know, she's collared and leashed before you and begging for you to choke her with your huge cock. She deepthroats you hard, and her lipstick rubs off on your stiff rod. You cum all over her perfect nipples, then she strokes herself to the point of no return. Gazing up at you with her beautiful brown eyes, she squeezes out a white and creamy orgasm for you to lick up.

Valentina Mia :  Transational Fantasies 5