• Marceline : Anal Training Therapy

Marceline : Anal Training Therapy

I see that the reason for your visit to me is because you are obsessed with anal play. Your every waking moment, your every dream, filled with thoughts of your ass being penetrated. You want to be filled up and stretched out. However, you have always been too nervous to put anything other than your own fingers inside of your ass. Well, there is certainly a difference between thinking about something and actually doing it. So, today your desires will finally be fulfilled. We are going to begin training your ass. I do believe that this is the best solution to your problem.
See all of these toys? From the small to the large, at some point throughout multiple sessions all of them will be in your ass. We will save the two largest, including the 14 inch "monster cock" for another session. But, I want you to see it. I want you to get hard looking at it, because the monster cock is the goal. Eventually, all fourteen inches of it will be inside of you. This is what your training is for.
For today, however, we are going to gently and slowly work out your asshole. First, you must put on a cockring. After all, we can't have you cumming too soon. Do not worry, I'll allow you to cum at the end of our training therapy session.
Once the cock ring is on then I will have you lube up your fingers. Under my watchful supervision you will begin to penetrate your asshole. I will instruct you on exactly how to do it. We will work our way through the tongue toy, the glass toy and the small dildo, each one stretching you out while also stimulating your prostate, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body, before our therapy training session ends with you bouncing up and down on a thick dildo while stroking your own cock until you cum.

Marceline :  Anal Training Therapy